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Engaging with our community stakeholders is key to making sure what we do matters.

Enriching our communities

We view every ArcelorMittal site of operation as an integral part of its local community and environment. Everyone has a stake in the value we create: through the jobs and business opportunities we provide, the investments we make to improve our environmental impacts and in local community infrastructure. We want to be sure to do this in line with local stakeholder priorities, so wherever we have significant operations, we develop plans to engage with the community to address local concerns and to identify where support is most appropriate. The ArcelorMittal Foundation guides the work of our major operations to promote community investments that support long-term social and economic growth.

2013 progress at a glance

Socio-economic development   The development of strong and sustainable economies.   KPI Estimated economic contribution to society: $78.9 billion

We piloted our Protea affordable housing product in South Africa.
    To undertake a socio-economic impact study in Liberia.

To establish social impact as part of our work on life cycle analysis.
 Community engagement   Understanding and responding to the priorities of local communities.   KPI Number of sites covered by a stakeholder engagement plan: 38 (2012: 30)

2013 goal: to develop guidance on good practice in community grievance mechanisms. We reviewed our guidance and will publish to sites in 2014.

Number of grievance mechanisms for local stakeholders: 27

  We will review and improve our reporting of grievances.

We will publish a revised stakeholder engagement procedure for our sites.  
 Land use   Sound approach to land use that respects human rights including the rights of indigenous peoples.   We signed an Inuit Impact and Benefits Agreement with the Qikiqtani Inuit Association in Baffin Island, Canada.

We have signed legal compensation agreements with eligible farmers in a process overseen by the Mine Resettlement Coordination Committee in Nimba County, Liberia.
      We will monitor the impact of our livelihoods programme on farmer families who have been affected by our operations in Liberia.
 ArcelorMittal Foundation   A sustainable contribution to the communities in which we operate.   2013 goal: to increase employee involvement in ArcelorMittal Foundation activities. The number of volunteering hours fell in 2013 as we were unable to run our ‘solidarity holidays’ during the year.     We will increase the alignment between our Foundation activities and our corporate responsibility strategy.
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