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Our business strategy focuses on product diversity, geographic reach and diversification both upstream in iron ore and coal production, and downstream in steel distribution.

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Our strategy

ArcelorMittal’s success is built on its core values of sustainability, quality and leadership. Our strategy is to leverage four distinctive attributes:

  • Global scale and scope
  • Unmatched technical capabilities
  • Diverse portfolio of steel and related businesses, particularly mining
  • Financial capability

Three themes

Steel. We look to extend our leadership in attractive markets by leveraging our technical capabilities and our global scale. These are critical differentiators for sophisticated customers, such as those in the automotive, energy and infrastructure markets. In addition, we will further develop steel businesses that benefit from favourable market structures or geographies.

Mining. We are working to grow our already world-class mining business by expanding our top-quality assets, by controlling cost and capital expenditure and by producing highly-valued products.

Operations. We strive to achieve best-in-class competitiveness. Operational excellence, including health and safety, is at the core of our strategy. We steadily optimise our asset base and have a commitment to continuous improvement.

Five key strategic enablers

A clear licence to operate. Many of our businesses are located in regions in the early stages of economic development. We recognise that we have an obligation to act responsibly towards all stakeholders. Sustainability is one of our core values.

A strong balance sheet. Our balance sheet currently constrains our flexibility for funding organic growth or acquisitions. Achieving the medium-term target for net debt of US$15 billion remains a critical objective.

A decentralised structure. Our scale and scope give us a competitive advantage. They also bring the risk of inefficiency and diffuse accountability. Thus we favour a structure in which the responsibility for profit and loss is focused on business units aligned with markets.

Active portfolio management. We have historically sought to strengthen the business through acquisition. That remains the case. But we are also willing to dispose of businesses that cannot meet our performance standards.

The best talent. Our success will depend on the quality of our people, and our ability to engage, motivate and reward them. We will continue to improve our processes to attract, develop and retain the best talent.

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