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Reporting of concerns regarding fraud, accounting and auditing matters at ArcelorMittal


This page is intended for the reporting of concerns regarding fraud and corruption, accounting and auditing matters, not for general business complaints or product-related issues.

Reports of general ethical violations will be communicated to the appropriate bodies and departments within the group.

Any submissions not related to fraud and corruption, accounting or auditing matters, or ethical violations will be disregarded.

Read our full whistleblower policy.

You can report anonymously to the following address:

Audit committee

BP 78
L-5201 Sandweiler
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Besides this general reporting line, specific whistleblower lines are also available in some of the countries where we operate.

You can also register your report via the website. No information will be gathered other than what you type in.

The audit committee encourages you to supply contact information with your submission to facilitate follow-up, clarification and assistance with investigations if necessary.

Completion of this information is voluntary. Please enter as much or as little information as you feel comfortable.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.
Brief summary of issue – 15 words or fewer
Detailed report of issue – 5,000 words or fewer *
When did the events reported occur? Can you provide dates, or a range of dates?
Was the violation a one-time occurrence, or is it ongoing? Please explain.
Who is responsible for the violations reported?
Has the violation resulted in inaccurate or misleading information or omissions in your company's reports to the SEC? (i.e., 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, proxy statements, etc.) If so, please provide details.
Are there other people we should contact to gain additional information?
How did you become aware of this violation?
Contact information
Completion of this information is voluntary: Please enter as much or as little information with which you feel comfortable.
Daytime phone number
Evening phone number
Business address
City, state, zip code
Home address
City, state, zip code
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