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Our dividend payment schedule

In 2014, the payment of the annual dividend will occur according to the following schedule. All data included in this schedule is subject to shareholder approval.

The yearly gross dividend per share amounts to 0.20 US$ per share, subject to shareholder approval at the company’s Annual General Meeting on 8 May 2014. The payment of 0.20 US$ per share will occur on 15 July 2014.

The dividend is announced in US$ and paid in US$ for shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange and paid in Euros for shares listed on the European Stock Exchanges (Netherlands, France, Spain, Luxembourg). The dividend to be paid in Euros is converted from USD to Euros based on the European Central Bank exchange rate mentioned in the table below.

A Luxembourg withholding tax of 15% is applied on the gross dividend amount.

In order to benefit from exemption of Luxembourg dividend withholding tax at source, please find our “Informative Memorandum” describing the procedure to obtain an exemption at source of the Luxembourg dividend withholding tax here.

  USA, Netherlands, France, Spain, Luxembourg
Announcement Date 08 May 2014
Ex-Dividend 12 May 2014
Record Date 14 May 2014
Payment Date 15 July 2014
FX Exchange Date: 09 May 2014: 1.3781 (gross dividend per share in Euros: 0.14512700)
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