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Arcorox®: natural oxide layer cuts construction and maintenance costs

With ArcelorMittal Ostrava about to launch production of Arcorox® steel angles in November, let’s have a closer look at this weathering steel grade, its advantages, and its applications.

Arcorox® sections are already being produced at our plants in Belval, Differdange (both in Luxembourg) and Dábrowa Górnicza (Poland) and have been well received by our customers, not least because of its environmental benefits.

Arcorox® structural steels belong to the family of atmospheric corrosion-resistant, low alloy steels, also known as weathering steels. These do not need additional corrosion protection or initial painting, offering several advantages for our customers:


• Reduced construction cost
• Faster construction time
• Lower cost of maintenance
• Reduced maintenance time
• No environmental impact (due to absence of additional painting, maintenance operations and residue)

How does it work?

Arcorox® weathering steel forms a natural, tightly adherent, protective oxide layer (patina), strongly reducing further oxidation. This eliminates the need for additional corrosion protection. The patina is created via a natural corrosion process, and the steel surface must be alternatively dry and wet in order to build up the protective layer.

Appearance, texture and maturity of the patina depend on time, degree of exposure and atmospheric environment. With time, the oxide coating changes from a rusty red-orange to a dark brown (in some cases slightly purple) patina. Weathering steel usually achieves the darkest tone in industrial environments, whereas in rural locations, the oxide coating develops more slowly, and generally has a lighter tone.

While demand for Arcorox® steels is still relatively low given their very specific properties, it offers significant potential for multiple applications ranging from highway bridges and power line towers to solar pannels, but also buildings with visible support structures. The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for instance is made of Arcorox® steels.

ArcelorMittal Ostrava to enhance the Arcorox® product offer

Ostrava is getting ready to launch production of these weathering steel grades. The testing has gone  well, and the site is now waiting to obtain the necessary certification from the Technical and Test Institute for Construction to launch industrial production. The certification is expected to be issued early next year. Ostrava will complete the Arcorox® product offer, being the only ArcelorMittal site to produce Arcorox® steel angles.

ArcelorMittal Ostrava and the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Ostrava are currently testing the performance of products made of the new steel grade. Three models of high voltage electricity pylons made of Arcorox® steel have been constructed on site, to be able to monitor the development of the patina layer during the structure’s life and to determine the most convenient type of bolted connection for high voltage electrical pylons.


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Read the Arcorox® leaflet

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