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ArcelorMittal invites students and young entrepreneurs to participate in its Innovators Award

At the heart of future innovation and industry challenges, ArcelorMittal wishes to contribute to the French ecosystem for the creation of industrial projects

9 December 2015 - ArcelorMittal announces the opening of the “Prix des Innovateurs” competition to reward those who will create tomorrow’s industry in two sectors: Big Data and Energy Storage. The members of the judging panel will meet in Spring 2016 to select the three most innovative projects in each category.


The competition is open to students, graduates and young entrepreneurs, either singly or in groups, who have initiated an innovative project in the fields of Big Data or Energy Storage.

Projects can be entered at two different stages of development:

-  ideas to be developed, which will subsequently require incubation, design and laboratory research;
-  advanced design; the next steps are support, production engineering, prototyping, market testing and funding. 


The three most relevant and promising projects in each category will be awarded a grant and will benefit from bespoke support by ArcelorMittal experts.

The winners will receive a prize of 50,000 euros for the first, 10,000 euros for the second and 2,500 euros for the third in order to help them to bring their project to fruition.


Competition entrants can submit their applications online at:

Candidates have until 31 January 2016 to submit their entries. A judging panel comprising eight personalities from the business world, local authorities and higher education as well as representatives of ArcelorMittal will deliberate in order to select the best projects. Several selection criteria will be applied: the inventiveness of the project, its maturity, its feasibility, its potential extensions and the quality of presentation.

ArcelorMittal and innovation

A major player in industry in France and around the world, ArcelorMittal places research and development at the heart of its strategy and its future.

With more than 800 researchers in France and an average worldwide budget of 200 million euros per year, Research and Development is developing tomorrow’s new products and steelmaking technologies that will shape our infrastructure, our capital goods and our everyday objects.

Two promising fields

For the first edition of the “Prix des Innovateurs”, ArcelorMittal wishes to showcase two growth areas: Big Data and Energy Storage.

Leveraging Big Data
The accumulation, processing and subsequent analysis of data are now key issues in many fields: health, research, services and industry. All this accumulated data can in particular improve business performance. But to make this data “smart” and to be able to exploit it, it is necessary to develop new technologies capable of giving it meaning and thus enable the emergence of new uses.

Energy Storage
At a time of rising energy demand, the depletion of energy resources is a major concern for society. The establishment of a store of energy is one of the solutions to this problem. All energy solutions are involved. But we must address this challenge from a technical viewpoint. How, for example, can we control the storage of energy and develop techniques capable of conserving it, especially in respect of alternative energy?


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