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ArcelorMittal receives high honours from two key auto partners

ArcelorMittal was recognised by two key automakers this month, General Motors (GM) and Ford Motor Company, for excellence in developing and providing steel products and solutions for their vehicle brands. 

General Motors awarded ArcelorMittal with its Supplier of the Year award for the third consecutive year while Ford gave ArcelorMittal its highest ranking for the fifth consecutive year as part of its 2015 Business Unit Review.

“It’s one thing to reach top level performance in anything; it’s a completely different thing to stay on top year after year,” said Brad Davey, chief marketing officer, ArcelorMittal North America and Global Automotive. “Competitors know what you did and how you’ve done it to get on top. They will copy you and surpass you unless you continuously improve and reinvent yourself. We’ve done a great job at this in everything we offer to GM and Ford, and that is why we’ve achieved consecutive top rankings from both.”

Among GM’s top 1% suppliers 

ArcelorMittal proudly accepted General Motors’ Supplier of the Year award on 10 March at the automaker’s 24th annual ceremony held in Detroit. This prestigious award was given to 110, approximately 1%, of GM’s global suppliers.

“This honour is a clear reflection of ArcelorMittal’s solid contribution to provide GM customers with the best vehicles and services in the industry,” said Steve Kiefer, GM vice president, global purchasing and supply chain.

ArcelorMittal provides a variety of steel grades for all aspects of GM’s cars and trucks, with a large share going to the newly launched Chevy Cruze, the Chevy Colorado and GM Canyon, and the Chevy Malibu. General Motors’ brands delivered 3.1 million vehicles in North America alone in 2015, up 5% compared to 2014.

“These results could not have been achieved without the outstanding performance of our best suppliers, including ArcelorMittal,” said Steve Kiefer.

Supplier of the Year award winners are chosen by a global team of GM purchasing, engineering, quality, manufacturing and logistics executives.

“Maintaining the highest level of products, solutions and service for GM, and for all of our automotive customers, is what drives us every day,” said Greg Wells, director, automotive sales, ArcelorMittal North America. “When we go above and beyond the customer’s expectations, it’s recognised and continues to pay dividends when it comes time to evaluating our performance.”

Recognised by Ford for 20 consecutive quarters

Further illustrating ArcelorMittal’s commitment to maintaining its position as the leading steel supplier to auto, the company also received Ford’s highest ranking as part of the automaker’s annual Business Unit Review. To receive such a rating from a major customer for five years, or 20 consecutive quarters, is quite an achievement.

ArcelorMittal Ford representatives with Ford purchasing representatives at the 2016 North American International Auto Show.

Ford rates ArcelorMittal based on its North American business which includes six ArcelorMittal facilities: Burns Harbor, Indiana Harbor, I/N Tek and I/N Kote in Indiana; AM/NS Calvert in Calvert, Alabama; and Dofasco in Hamilton, Ontario. ArcelorMittal’s performance is compared and ranked against other major flat rolled steelmakers and aluminium suppliers.

ArcelorMittal provides a variety of steel grades for every Ford vehicle but the largest portion of its business with the automaker is on the Ford Fusion, Edge and Transit. ArcelorMittal steel is used in all aspects of the vehicles and trucks, including both exposed and unexposed applications.

“It all starts with understanding Ford’s expectations of us as a supplier,” said Peter Bilenki, Ford global account manager, ArcelorMittal. “They rate us in eight categories that include quality, delivery, commercial, cost savings, plant engineering and product development. We have an account plan that is updated each year to correct any deficiencies and make other improvements. It goes without saying that this cannot be accomplished without the dedication of every one of the extended team members who sell, manufacture, service or deliver steel to Ford.”

Earlier this year, ArcelorMittal also received the 2015 Regional Supplier Bulk/Raw Material quality achievement certificate from Nissan.

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