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Our high-strength steel Histar® is helping deliver the buildings of the future

Designed for the future

The world’s leading designers are creating ever more complex structures for cities around the world. And increasingly they need stronger, lighter and more sustainable materials to realise their visions. Our high-strength steel Histar® is helping deliver these buildings of the future

One such structure is the new world trade centre for New York City. Our facilities in the US and Europe have contributed to the construction of a major new landmark in Manhattan known as One World Trade Center – or simply 1WTC – formerly the ‘Freedom Tower’, designed by architect David Childs.

Due for completion in January 2013, 1WTC will be 1,776ft (541m) high, in reference to the year the US Declaration of Independence was signed.

The beams for 1WTC were rolled at Differdange, Luxembourg, with our high-strength steel – Histar®. This steel combines different structural properties that in the past were considered incompatible.

With Histar®, we achieve increased thickness and weldability, high-yield strength, and greater toughness at low temperatures. These properties make it suitable for complex structural designs, such as that of 1WTC, and this steel has so far been used for around 180 construction projects worldwide.

Some of the other world landmarks made with this high-strength steel are the Emirates Towers in Dubai, the Federation Tower in Moscow and the Shanghai World Financial Center in China.

We want to ensure that tomorrow’s buildings are truly futuristic – with reduced emissions and impact on the environment. A research focus for us is steel for greener buildings, and the development of Histar® is a major accomplishment in this area. By substituting common steel with high-strength Histar®, the weight of steel columns is reduced by 32% and of beams by 19%. The lighter structures enable savings in greenhouse gases, with 30% reduction in carbon emissions during construction.


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