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Graduates and students

Providing opportunity for graduates around the world.

At ArcelorMittal, we believe that people are our greatest asset. This is why we are always working hard to attract, develop and retain the best young talent and ensure they have the right skills.

At ArcelorMittal, we’re always on the lookout for motivated, skilled people who are interested in helping us build the future of steel.

With positions around the world – and in different areas of the business – we provide a wide range of opportunities for university graduates looking to work in a challenging environment.

We look for students who are motivated, enthusiastic and want to experience the real world of work. Working at ArcelorMittal provides students with a place to develop and apply professional skills and competencies.

To ensure we attract top talent, we partner with universities and schools through sponsorship, job fairs, scholarships and educational activities.

Our involvement in the volunteer for international experience scheme (VIE) offers European graduates the chance to work overseas at our sites. We believe the VIE programme is a real opportunity to experience working life at ArcelorMittal in an international context, helping us to build the workforce of our future.

Many of our sites offer internships, apprenticeships and work experience, giving people a flavour of life at ArcelorMittal, and helping our company to see if a person is a good fit for the company on a long-term basis.

Internships involve students in specific projects to develop their skills and gradually give them a certain level of autonomy.

“I started my ArcelorMittal internship in Luxembourg after beginning my MBA course. Working full-time while studying a degree isn’t easy, but the practical side that the internship gives to the degree means I would highly recommend the experience to anyone looking to be immersed in the business world”.

– Gonzalo de la Cuadra, intern at ArcelorMittal Luxembourg

“My ArcelorMittal internship helped me gain insight into the steel industry, and how such a big corporation works. I was able to improve my skills and put into practice what I learned in my studies”.

– Ekaterina Mikhalkina, intern at ArcelorMittal SA

“At ArcelorMittal, we believe internships improve and compliment a student’s theoretical training by offering practical experience. It’s about experiencing the world of work, being immersed in business and experiencing a particular profession first-hand. This insight is important in helping individuals choose their career paths and enter the workplace upon graduation”.

– Emilie Goepfert, HR and internship recruitment at ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products

Graduates are invited to apply for positions advertised on our online recruitment platform

US college students are encouraged to visit our campus recruiting page to see if your school is one of our partners and learn how to apply.

Prospect interns and VIEs in Europe are invited to search and apply for positions via our trainee platform.

Meet our interns, trainees and graduates

Maxime Dannonay
Market analyst

What’s your ArcelorMittal story?

I have been with ArcelorMittal for three years, having joined as a graduate. I started in the area of operational excellence, helping to improve the commercial performances of our sales offices.

Since then, I’ve been hired by the company as a market analyst – still working in conjunction with sales and marketing.

Why ArcelorMittal?

ArcelorMittal operates in a competitive environment – something that assured me I would be working for a company that prioritises effectiveness and performance. Working in a challenging industry from the outset of my career was appealing.

What are your main responsibilities?

I work with our commercial teams to coordinate market intelligence activities, tracking sales performance and evaluating market saturation. I am also leading a special project to coordinate the deployment of a customer relationship management tool.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I have been developing a host of skills and knowledge ever since joining and I use this learning and experience every day.

I am free to organise my work and my management team gives me a lot of autonomy. I know that they are always here and receptive to any issues that may occur.

What career support do you receive?

I regularly meet with my manager to understand what is expected from me, review my objectives, and discuss where I want to be. It’s a win-win because it helps keep me on track of activities, but also pushes me to challenge myself and expand the scope of my responsibilities.

How would you describe ArcelorMittal culture?

The company offers a stimulating and multicultural environment where everyone is urged to contribute. There’s a good dialogue between teams and their management, and openness to new ideas and thinking.

Joseph Cordonnier
Energy analyst

What’s your ArcelorMittal story?

I joined the company in 2014 as a graduate energy analyst in the energy and trading team, which became a permanent contract after six months.

Today, I work in Luxembourg within the energy division.

What brought about your interest in this field?

I chose to study physics and mathematics for the intellectual challenge, before specialising in energy and industrial engineering.

Following an entrepreneurial project to develop a wave energy converter, I wanted to discover a new aspect of the energy field.

As a large energy consumer with a footprint in many European countries, ArcelorMittal is a great place to work on optimising electricity and natural gas costs through direct access to markets and projects at site-level.

What are your main responsibilities?

As an energy analyst, I develop and supervise the development of analysis and models linked to many areas, from hedging strategies and price models, to buy and sell actions, and improving the consumption forecast.

I also take part in the operations and the development of our activities in new countries where ArcelorMittal Energy can build a competitive offer to supply ArcelorMittal mills.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Making models and carrying out analysis provides an opportunity to work with a lot of data and find innovative solutions for the business.

I enjoy multitasking and the opportunity to work with a variety of stakeholders.

What career support do you receive?

The energy and trading team provides great opportunities to learn on the job.

One of the advantages of working for a company as large as ArcelorMittal is that there is so much insight to be gained working alongside colleagues with experience in a variety of fields.

How would you describe the company culture?

ArcelorMittal is a truly global company and its diversity creates an exciting work environment. There is a strong emphasis on going above and beyond expectations.

Stéphanie Ranalletta,
Financial controller

What’s your ArcelorMittal story?

I joined ArcelorMittal in October 2014 as a graduate and, after one year working with the company, I was offered a permanent contract.

Why steel?

The steel industry is unique and complex. I wanted to work with a company with ArcelorMittal’s size, range of products, and industry challenges.

What are your main responsibilities?

I work for the financial controlling department of an ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions segment: Construction Solutions.

I’m in charge of the analytic accounting for the perimeter, costs analysis, management gains follow-up, budget preparation and benchmark process.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

There’s no routine, and it’s challenging! I really learn something every day by facing new problems and requests.

I also have autonomy in organising my workload and fulfilling my objectives. I feel useful, in a job I enjoy doing – and that’s the most important part!

What career support do you receive?

The HR team works with you closely upon joining the company. They have guided me through everything from career committees to career development – and the tools the company uses to support this.

How would you describe ArcelorMittal?

The company has a performance-driven culture, but safety always comes first!

Working in Luxembourg’s headquarters, I appreciate the diversity. People are from all around the world and that’s enriching!

Irene De Diego
Research engineer

What’s your ArcelorMittal story?

I joined the company in October 2015 after finishing my PhD thesis. Part of the experimental work for my PhD was carried out during a three-month stay at Ghent University in Belgium in collaboration with ArcelorMittal global research and development (R&D), Gent.

Why steel?

I always knew I wanted to become an engineer. I first chose a wide engineering degree, but when I had to select a specialisation I was drawn towards materials science. Both my grandfather and father dedicated their lives to creating iron-forged furniture, so I guess metallurgy was an inherited passion!

What are your main responsibilities?

I am a research engineer in the metallurgy prospects and manufacturing team from the auto products centre at ArcelorMittal’s campus in Maizières, France.

My main responsibilities include contributing to the development of new, breakthrough solutions for tomorrow’s automotive steel products.

I am also responsible for developing models to help our plants optimise their production performance. In this way, I am helping to grow and enhance the company’s metallurgical knowledge.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

In this job you never stop learning. I love being able to follow a project from its initial conception through to the final results. What fascinates me most is bringing all the results together and using them as the basis for new ideas and proposals.

What career support do you receive?

For every arrival to ArcelorMittal, there is an integration and activity programme available for the first months, along with a formation plan.

On top of this, we have regular meetings with our direct supervisor to evaluate our performance and get guidance on our career development.

What’s more, my colleagues are always on-hand to provide advice and answer any technical questions I may have.

How would you describe ArcelorMittal?

To maintain its position as a global leader, ArcelorMittal is always striving to increase its knowledge through innovation.

Professional ethics, team work and a safety-first policy are the principles on which the corporate culture is based – and the company’s multicultural atmosphere is also key to its success.

Camille Pouliquen
Strategy and project analyst

How long have you been with the company?

I started working at ArcelorMittal two years ago as a graduate in the tubular division strategy department.

After 18 months, I was invited to stay on as a permanent employee, and I accepted.

Why steel?

I enjoyed some previous work experience in industrial environments and knew I wanted to work for this type of company. The complexity of this industry at every level makes it very appealing – especially the work of a strategic department.

What are your main responsibilities?

From the outset, I was involved in strategic planning, which helped me rapidly learn about the company’s tubular business. I was also given responsibility, together with a colleague, for implementing a customer relationship management tool for the whole European division. I am now also responsible for communication.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the diversity of the tasks, the fact that I was very quickly given responsibilities and autonomy, and the way in which I can always count on my colleagues for support.

What career support do you receive?

As a VIE, my manager made sure I was involved in projects where I could contribute and learn. I also received training and there is more to come on that front.

How would you describe ArcelorMittal’s work culture?

ArcelorMittal is a company where you are always challenged and pushed to improve.

Rudolf Jerpan
Energy strategy analyst

How long have you been with ArcelorMittal?

I joined ArcelorMittal in December 2012 as a strategy analyst. I joined the energy team in 2014, working within the global purchasing department.

What brought about your interest in your field?

Commodity purchasing is a wide knowledge area where you keep on learning. By being the interface with all the commodities teams, you can identify openings and really create value.

What are your main responsibilities?

I build short-term models and conduct market analysis to assess the price trend of a given commodity – from iron ore and coking coal, to Zinc and C3 freight.

The aim is to help optimise purchasing contracts by taking into consideration the actuals: volume flexibility, price formulas, and risk exposure.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I enjoy making proposals and creating models from scratch – knowing that they could have a real impact on the business.

What career support do you receive?

I had the chance to discover several commodity markets by working with several stakeholders of global purchasing department. Each of them were supporting new ideas, models that could potentially change their way of working. But they were opened to any value creation which is not the case in most of big companies.

How would you describe ArcelorMittal culture?

The company’s diversity in talent allows us to draw on one another’s strengths and resources to continually assess our company’s key goals in today’s challenging global steel market.