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ArcelorMittal University

Strengthening corporate culture and advancing careers

A truly global university

We are proud of ArcelorMittal University. Not only does it provide new and current employees with the resources and support they need to advance their careers, it’s also a place for exchanging ideas, networking, and expanding horizons – like any good university.

In 2014, more than 200,000 man-days of training were delivered to employees across the world.

From career-enhancing management courses, to tailored induction programmes and online language tuition to support staff mobility and relocation, the University is an invaluable company-wide resource.

ArcelorMittal University’s mission statement – “learn, grow and connect” – perfectly reflects what we offer our employees.

Learn stands for skills development, supporting personal performance and helping the organisation stay best-in-class in every aspect of its operations.

Grow is about helping our people reach their personal potential. ArcelorMittal University helps our employees develop their individual talents, leadership, and careers – both from a personal and organisational perspective.

Connect stands for the way ArcelorMittal University directly connects staff with top management at the company. It’s about plugging into a global network of people involved in learning and development to exchange information and give people the answers they need.

Our programmes offer a wide range of learning opportunities, drawing on a wealth of resources, information and expertise within the company.

The programmes are varied in content and format, but they all have a carefully designed structure which helps students learn in a way that will progress their career and personal development.

We’re constantly growing our educational offering to fit the business’ needs. Many of our courses are grouped into academies covering everything from leadership, management and e-learning, to steel, finance, R&D, law, and purchasing – and much more.

To give just a couple of examples of our courses:

Talent pipeline is our flagship programme for identifying and encouraging potential in people, to help shape them into future ArcelorMittal leaders.

Career support programmes for women includes tailored leadership courses aimed at helping women at ArcelorMittal to enhance their skills and develop their careers. Programmes are delivered in partnership with the likes of IBM and FTIECLA.

We’re partnered with more than 20 top-ranked training providers and top-notch business schools worldwide to ensure our University provides the very best in learning.

What’s more, ArcelorMittal has also gone through the CLIP accreditation from the European Foundation of Management Development (EFMD) in recognition of its contribution to employees’ career development. The CLIP is a unique accreditation that focuses on identifying the key factors that determine quality in the design and functioning of corporate universities and learning organisations.

With physical campuses across the globe, along with comprehensive e-learning modules and training, ArcelorMittal University aims to be an empowering institution for individuals and the company alike.

To reach employees across all our locations, ArcelorMittal University relies on a network of local campuses. The main campus is in Luxembourg, but – like our company – the University is a global institution, with several campuses in different parts of the globe.

Residential leadership and management programmes are attended by people from around the world. The local campuses also have their own training offerings – adapted in local language for their target audiences.

On top of this, we’ve developed an extensive range of e-learning courses to ensure every employee has access to the company’s educational resources.

Our online courses use a range of technologies to deliver content and learning tools worldwide. In partnership with several e-learning companies, the online campus offers modular courses on a wide range of subjects, which anyone can access and work through at their own pace, in their own time.

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