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Learning and development

Our company invests heavily in identifying and developing talent at ArcelorMittal.

Leadership at every level

The success of our company is built from having inspiring, creative leaders at all levels of the business. Because we believe that leadership shouldn’t – and doesn’t – come from the top alone. We need energising leaders in all parts of the business.

That’s why we invest heavily in developing internal excellence through leadership development programmes – combining internal and external training with a review process – to identify and develop talent at our company.

Our global employee development programme (GEDP) is the cornerstone of our people strategy and fosters leadership development by managing the performance, potential, development and careers of our people.

This approach to talent management not only creates career opportunities for those who strive to develop their potential. It also ensures we develop a pipeline of talent ready to occupy senior leadership positions.

Developing tomorrow’s leaders is also about providing excellent learning opportunities. The work of our university plays a key role here, offering corporate leadership development programmes to nurture our future leaders.

“If we have the right leadership, with a flexible, nurturing, empowering style, it will have an impact on the climate of the company. If we have a positive climate, it will improve performance across all aspects”.

– Brian Callaghan, vice president of leadership development, ArcelorMittal


Professionals at ArcelorMittal have the opportunity to develop skills and take on fresh challenges in an international environment.

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