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As the world’s largest steel and mining company, we work with more than 70,000 direct suppliers across 60 different countries

As the world’s largest steel and mining company, ArcelorMittal works with more than 70,000 direct suppliers, covering an annual spend of around US$50bn for raw materials, energy, industrial products and spares, as well as various services.

We manage a complex supply chain, using the principles of total cost of ownership. This raises both challenges and opportunities to make a difference to the environment and to the communities in which we work.

To this end, we have embedded sustainability principles into our general contracts, and set out clear expectations in the areas of safety, health, employee relations and the environment.

We also require our suppliers to comply with all the relevant laws and regulations.

We assess potential suppliers and require them to complete a form giving details of the company. If successful in their application, suppliers have access to our INTEGRA Portal that gives general information of interest to suppliers, notices and links to other services and applications.

ArcelorMittal Mining UK Standard Terms and Conditions

Health and safety

We also have strict requirements in terms of what we expect from our suppliers when it comes to health and safety.

Becoming an ArcelorMittal supplier is to become associated with the world's largest steel and mining company, which implies sharing the same values, following the same rules and working in the same direction in order to achieve common targets. Health and safety is our number one priority and a key element of our code for responsible sourcing.

ArcelorMittal is committed to working towards a goal of zero fatalities, zero accidents and zero occupational illnesses, as well as general wellbeing in the workplace and beyond. We therefore believe that all accidents are avoidable, including accidents involving contractors and suppliers.

Each potential supplier will need to pass an approval procedure in which ArcelorMittal will assess their credentials in terms of health and safety.

For contractors (one category of suppliers) who perform work on an ArcelorMittal site, including those who deliver materials, as part of the approval process we will check the capability of the supplier and their safety prevention plan before they are allowed to begin the service they have been contracted to provide.

There are five steps involved in hiring a contractor.

  • The first three are carried out before work starts:
    • pre-qualification (the approval process) of contractors
    • selection of the bid
    • works preparation
  • During the work, safety monitoring is carried out on the works.
  • And finally once the work is complete, a post-work contractor assessment takes place.