The view from our leadership

Our 10 sustainable development outcomes were designed to ensure we manage to stay ahead of expectations, and also demonstrate our understanding that long-term success lies not only in creating shareholder value but also in actively contributing to society’s needs.

Lakshmi N Mittal, Chairman and chief executive, April 2017
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Championing sustainable developments

Take a look at how individuals across ArcelorMittal are showing leadership on sustainable development.


At ArcelorMittal, our people are our greatest asset.

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We create products that accelerate more sustainable lifestyles and create sustainable infrastructure.

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Our ability to innovate has made us an industry leader.

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Each tonne of steel we make requires 2.5 tonnes of raw material. Carl de Mare, head of technology strategy explains how we reuse and recycle 60 million tonnes of by-products to eliminate waste.

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Air, land and water

People are increasingly aware of the link between environmental quality and their health, so it’s important we reduce our emissions and water usage.

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Energy and carbon

The steelmaking process is an energy intensive one. It’s also dependant on carbon to create the chemical reaction we need.

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Supply chains

Today, earning trust as a company goes beyond delivering quality products on time. It now includes the sustainability of our products and supply chains.

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ArcelorMittal has been part of some communities for over 100 years. Given our long-term presence, it’s important to be an active and welcomed member of the community.

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Scientists and engineers

To achieve our ambition to be the most innovative steel company, we need a pipeline of talented scientists and engineers for tomorrow.

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Impact measurement

Companies should create social value, but they also need to clearly demonstrate how they do this through clear, reliable reporting.

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A natural way to treat water

ArcelorMittal Cleveland is turning to Mother Nature and taking a new approach to descaling water used in many of our processes.

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ArcelorMittal’s approach to sustainable development

Rising to the challenge

Steel has a vital role to play in creating a sustainable future, and as the world’s largest steel and mining company we know that, as well as opportunities, this brings with it huge challenges.

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Strategic materiality

By assessing the global trends identified by thought leaders; taking a good look at our stakeholders’ expectations, and considering the social and environmental risks that affect our operations, we developed a strategic focus on our material issues.

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Our sustainable development framework

Our sustainable development framework is designed to drive a focused response to social and environmental trends across all our operations, whilst at the same time giving each site the flexibility to target progress relevant to their local circumstances.

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Country perspectives on sustainable development

Find out more about how our leadership at country level is embedding the 10 outcomes into their thinking and business planning.

Leading the way in sustainable development

Read stories from across the business on how we’re demonstrating best practice in working towards our 10 outcomes.