1. Safe, healthy, quality working lives for our people

We make intensive efforts to promote and safeguard the safety and wellbeing of our people, yet we still face challenges in creating a working environment that is free from harm. We need to ensure our workplaces are safe and healthy. We must use security responsibly where it is required. We want to create a great place to work by developing people to inspire, encourage and energise those around them; and through strong labour relations and a commitment to human rights.

Why is this important to us?

The protection of human dignity is perhaps the most important social issue for the 21st century, and crucial to the relationships between different nations, and between employers and employees. Despite international recognition of labour and safety standards, accidents, discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace persist, and gender inequality is considered a major barrier to sustainable development. Employers wanting to attract, develop and retain the brightest talent must ensure they address these issues, and create a positive working culture that respects them.

The commercial imperative:

What kind of challenges do we face?

Employing over 222,000 people across the world means we carry enormous responsibilities. When accidents happen, there are huge consequences for the person involved, their family and colleagues. Protecting the security of our own people, where necessary with armed guards, is another significant responsibility. And, despite investing heavily in the quality of our leadership, incidents may still arise where the dignity of individual employees is challenged in breach of our code of business conduct.

What do we need to do?

Safety is our number one priority and always has been. To produce steel and extract minerals without either fatalities or injuries, everyone must take responsibility for ensuring a safe environment, not just for themselves but also for their colleagues, which includes contractors. Taking the same approach elsewhere will help us create a culture of wellbeing, engagement and integrity, in which everyone is committed to our success, where diversity is valued, and every individual is respected and developed. This means ensuring all our standards are observed by every employee, and if there are problems, we learn from them and apply the lessons across the business.

What is the potential to create value?

It is in everyone’s interests to aim for a workplace entirely free from any safety incident. We want to go one step further and actively promote the wellbeing, integrity and personal development of our employees, because we know this makes our people happier and more productive in their work. Likewise, a diverse business is a more creative business, which is why we value equality and inclusion in our operations.

Our stakeholders’ expectations

Employers are expected to take active steps to ensure they provide a safe, secure, fair, and diverse workplace. While safety regulations have been tightening across the world for some time, in many countries, regulations or voluntary codes now govern a broader range of areas such as the percentage of women on company boards, minimum wage levels, and freedom from harassment at work. We know from our stakeholder analysis that investors, unions, and other influential stakeholders increasingly expect companies to have comprehensive policies covering human rights, equality and diversity, and behaviour in the workplace, and as a result companies need to report publicly on these matters. Campaign groups actively track how well businesses are implementing these policies, and have many channels available to them to expose those that do not live up to those standards.

The outcome we need:

Our workforce is safe and healthy, committed to our success, and operates with integrity. Diversity is valued and every individual is respected and their potential developed.

Achieving our new outcome

We have been working on the areas covered by our first outcome for some time, with tremendous efforts being made on health and safety at a local level right across our business. Our new sustainable development framework will enable our managers in every country, through their local sustainable development committee, to bring together all the issues relating to their workforce, allowing them to compare what works and what doesn’t and share lessons. In this way we aim to develop a successful culture that combines the interests of safety, health, diversity, inclusion, wellbeing, skills, mutual respect and personal development. Working together, different functions will build a more creative, more effective, happier workplace.

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