Country reports

Country reports

For many years every major site of operation has been implementing our corporate responsibility approach. In 2015 worked with senior managers in each country to drive forward progress against our 10 sustainable development outcomes.

The local challenge

ArcelorMittal has a truly global footprint. We own steelmaking operations in 19 countries, and iron ore or coal mining operations in seven. Our sales of steel products, too, are spread over both developed and developing markets. There are certain long-term social and environmental trends that we must respond to as a global company, but the expectations of our stakeholders can be highly variable, and we need to understand these differences.

In 2015, our operations published 19 local sustainability reports, 14 of which were aligned with the GRI guidelines. These reports give our GRI index a local dimension, enabling us to report more meaningfully to our stakeholders on those issues where they matter.

By 2016 we expect all reports to be structured around our 10 outcomes and be in accordance with the GRI G4 guidelines. 

On these pages, we share our sustainable development progress in each country, highlighting the commitment of our local leadership, and examples of where we are leading the way.

The local context

Choose from the list of countries below to read about our operations there and access their latest local corporate responsibility report.