ArcelorMittal Zenica produces hot rolled products mainly for the Balkan, EU and North African markets. Our production site at Zenica consists of an integrated plant with coke oven, sintering plant, blast furnace, steel plant (a blast oxygen furnace and continuous casting line), two rolling lines for rebar and wire rod and mesh plant.

We employ over 2,400 direct employees at Zenica and engage around 300 external companies, indirectly supporting around 10,000 workers in Zenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are the biggest foreign investor in the country and for the last five years in succession (2009-2014) we have been one of the top three exporters. Since 2004, we have invested over 154 million euros to modernise production equipment, out of which more than 39 million euros were invested to improve the plant’s environmental performance.

The corporate responsibility activities at ArcelorMittal Zenica are steered by a Corporate Responsibility Committee, established in 2009 and led by the CEO of ArcelorMittal Zenica. There is continuous, systematic effort to improve the existing relationships and cooperation with our stakeholders and develop new ones, striving to achieve the ten sustainable development outcomes with such an approach. In 2014 we created a stakeholder engagement plan to explore and respond to the key social and environmental challenges for the company.

Our message that we continue to build a long-term, sustainable future for steelmaking in Zenica is underpinned by visible contributions to the local community and the country and has been widely recognised. For example, for the time and assistance from employees in response to the devastating floods of May 2014, as well as the contribution of 250,000 euros to local relief efforts and for reconstruction, we were shortlisted among 16 the most corporate responsible companies in the country under competition 'DOBRO 2014' ('GOOD 2014').

View our short film about our history, and our steel and mining operations in Bosnia and Hertzegovina:


In 2014, ArcelorMittal celebrates ten years since it started its operation in Prijedor. In this first decade we are proud of our achievements in all areas of business: H&S, production and transportation of ore, quality of finished products, investments, employee standards, cooperation with local community and state authorities as well as environmental protection and preservation. ArcelorMittal Prijedor currently employs 860 people. We are an open pit iron ore mine and produce iron ore concentrate, lumps and fines. Most of our ore is shipped to the ArcelorMittal Zenica, with some shipments going to ArcelorMittal steel factories in Poland and Czech Republic. Our iron ore production in 2014 was 2.1 million tonnes of concentrate.

We are proud member of the local community in which we operate, and are proud of our commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Led by our CEO, our regular Corporate Responsibility Committee explores and develops not only our approach to corporate responsibility and sustainable development, but also the actions that we take and the relationships we build with our stakeholders. This year, we will strengthen our work under the guidance of group’s the ten sustainability outcomes to create our first CR/SD plan for ArcelorMittal Prijedor. 2014 was a year in which our role as a “Welcome and active member of the community” was most felt, due to the unprecedented flooding which impacted so many of our employees. We helped respond to the devastation caused by this flooding to our local communities, lending our efforts to help and support our neighbours overcome these challenges.

View our short film about our history, and our steel and mining operations in Bosnia and Hertzegovina:

The local sustainability report will be posted here when it is published.