ArcelorMittal Brasil is comprised of 27 facilities and a distribution network with more than 110 units. The country's facilities have a steel production capacity of 11.3 million tonnes and iron ore production capacity of 7.1 million tonnes with over 11,000 employees.

ArcelorMittal Brasil boasts a robust sustainability programme in stakeholder engagement and environmental relationship-building. The country is a part of Brazil Steel Institute's charcoal sustainability protocol through the Ministry of Environment and Development, Industry and Foreign Trade and a member of Minas pela Paz, a public-interest civil society orgnization (OSCIP) founded by 11 large corporations to help government and civil society in proposing and implementing alternative solutions in public safety. Including tax incentives and all investments, ArcelorMittal Brasil invests over $7 million each year through the Brasil Foundation.

ArcelorMittal Brasil has been publishing a sustainability report aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative since 2011.

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