ArcelorMittal chooses not to complete the DJSI questionnaire. Below we provide our stakeholders with a map of the disclosures we make that are relevant to the DJSI framework. We welcome pro-active engagement from the investment community, and invite you to contact us at tel. +44 207 543 1132.

Section of DJSI questionnaire
Where in ArcelorMittal's reporting landscape
1 Economic Dimension
1.1 Corporate Governance
1.2 Risk & Crisis Management
1.3 Codes of Business Conduct
1.4 Materiality
1.5 Customer Relationship Management
1.6 Supply Chain Management
1.7 Tax Strategy
1.8 Impact Measurement & Valuation
1.9 Payment Transparency
2 Environmental Dimension
2.1 Environmental Reporting
2.2 Environmental Policy & Management Systems
Environmental investment proposals measure financial, energy and CO2 savings
2.3 Operational Eco-Efficiency
2.5 Climate Strategy
2.6 Water Related Risks
3 Social Dimension
3.1 Social Reporting
3.2 Labor Practice Indicators and Human Rights
3.3 Human Capital Development
3.4 Talent Attraction & Retention
3.5 Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy
3.6 Occupational Health and Safety
3.7 Social Impacts on Communities
3.8 Stakeholder Engagement
Accounts of the relevant engagement we have had with stakeholders in 2015 is integrated within our reporting of each SD outcome in our Annual Review 2015