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Standing up to the elements: Magnelis® adds value to solar projects


Magnelis® offers more than 25 years of almost maintenance-free support for operators of solar installations. It is now the first zinc-magnesium-aluminium steel coating to be certified for use in marine environments.

The distinctive metallic composition of Magnelis® creates a stable, robust and self-healing layer across the entire surface of the metal. SP Sitac, an international approval and certification body for the construction sector, has tested Magnelis® and qualified the coating for use in C5-M (marine) environments. This enables Magnelis® to be utilised for solar farms in coastal areas with high salinity.

By selecting a Magnelis® coating for the structural elements, operators can extend the life of their solar farms and maximise return on investment.

“The main reason we use Magnelis® is the quality and durability of the coating,” explains Jürgen Wolpert, owner of CWF, a leading producer of mounting systems for open-field photovoltaic installations. “Another reason is the logistical advantage Magnelis® offers. We can fabricate the parts and skip the costly and time-consuming process of batch galvanisation. This saves us a week of processing and enables us to meet the short lead times this sector demands.”

Solar Projects, part of ArcelorMittal’s Energy Projects business line in Distribution Solutions, is a specialised unit which supplies high precision solar steel structures. It focuses on the production of pre-fabricated solar trackers and co-engineering services, processing, and technical advice, and works with developers and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies to identify and offer package solutions for concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) and concentrated solar power (CSP - also known as solar thermal) installations.

Solar Projects utilises Magnelis® to protect laser cut pieces which account for around 50% of a typical installation. “The laser cut leaves a 6mm weld which Magnelis® can bridge and protect thanks to its self-healing properties,” notes Sven Van Welden. “Normal welds are too thick for Magnelis® to cover so we advise customers to re-engineer their installations to avoid welding. It removes a step from the process and gains time and money, and reduces complexity for our customers.”

With in-house production sites in China and Egypt, the business is able to go beyond just supplying Magnelis®. Solar Projects is able to supply structures directly to project owners, offering them a total steel solution.

Profil du Futur, a manufacturer of structural steel applications for buildings and ground-based solar installations based in France, is also a part of ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions. During 2014, Profil du Futur completed more than 10 large solar installations for operators across France.

“We recommend Magnelis® for nearly every project,” explains Pascal Fratta, head of sales for Profil du Futur. “Magnelis® is the ideal coating for ground-based installations as it does not fail, even in support structures which come into contact with the ground.”

Read the full story here: http://www.constructalia.com/english/news_and_articles/news/magnelis_adds_value_to_solar_projects#.VwT1wfkrLcs