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Building for the future: the b home


ArcelorMittal and [Baragaño] present the "b home", a modular housing system made of steel, in Aviles, Spain.

ArcelorMittal Construction Spain and Madrid architect firm [Baragaño] have presented an innovative system for manufactured housing and modular offices made with steel. The explanation of the "b home" project took place in ArcelorMittal’s Global R & D Centre in the Asturian town, where [Baragaño] has constructed a pilot house following the guidelines of this innovative construction method.

The B home has emerged from an alliance between ArcelorMittal and [Baragaño]. These buildings are formed by a series of steel modules manufactured in a workshop. Once completed, the modules are transported to the place where they will be installed forming the home or office. This method greatly facilitates its construction, generates less waste than traditional building systems and increases the safety of personnel involved in the assembly work.

The project details were explained by Heriberto Garcia and Francisco José Caso, team members ArcelorMittal construction Spain, and by the Asturian architect Sergio Baragaño, director of the study [Baragaño]. The presentation was also attended by the mayor of Avilés, Mariví Monteserín, as well as the first vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of Avilés, Luis Noguera.

The house, installed next to ArcelorMittal’s Global R & D Centre, is the smallest available in the catalogue. It takes up 40 square meters (33 m2 of floor space) and is 99 cubic metres in volume. Manufactured in the Madrid Prisms facilities, it is constructed with galvanized steel from ArcelorMittal's factory in Aviles, which was subsequently coated by Lesaka and transformed in Berrioplano (Navarra). Work to adjust the housing to the foundations and install the final furniture was carried out in June. As well as having this pilot for new steel construction products, the R & D Centre will use this new space from now on as an office building.

Like all models of b home, the house is assembled using different modules depending on the needs of its users. It can even be transported elsewhere without virtually any impact on the environment. All b homes and b offices have a deadline of four months and a versatile catalogue of possibilities. They meet the highest standards of the Technical Building Code, including the latest energy efficiency regulations, and have the same guarantees as any traditional housing construction.

As well as ArcelorMittal as a main contributor, this new form of construction is developed with the participation of leading industrial partners in their sectors: bticcino, Cosentino, dynamobel, Electrolux, Gabarró, Geopannel, Knauff, laguardia & Moreira Legrand, Mobalco, NEEDO, NONNA, Prisms, Rock, Saloni, SaunierDuval, Transport start, TECHNAL, D-Fine and Theophilus and Ariexca as executor of civil works.

More information www.bhome.es