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Czech Republic: Modernisation programme at Ostrava


At our steelworks in Ostrava, Czech Republic, we run a power plant on site, which is one of the sources of NOx and SOx and also dust at the site. As part of a $150 million programme to modernise the power plant and cut emissions, we are installing a new $74 million energy-efficient boiler. This will ensure the power plant complies with new European emission limits before they come into effect. By the time the new boiler is fully operational in 2016, we estimate the power plant will emit 1,000 tonnes or 49% less NOx than before, reducing the site’s overall NOx emissions by 23%. It will also emit 10 tonnes or 12% less dust annually, reducing the site’s overall dust emissions by 1%.

Ostrava also announced an investment of $6 million in new de-dusting equipment during 2014, which will extract the dust generated during unloading into a new bag filter. This is the best available solution for de-dusting, as it is able to filter even very small particulates. The project is part of the company’s ongoing $130 million environmental improvement programme, of which 85% is subsidised by EU funds.