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Global: Performance and progress - Air, land and water


Global: Performance and progress

More than half of the $375 million in capital investment committed in 2014 to environmental projects was focused on addressing air emissions from our operations. Over the year, the dust emissions from our steelmaking operations amounted to 58 million tonnes in total, or 621 grams per tonne of steel produced. This represents a slight increase over the previous year, but with our continuing capital investment programme in our steel plants, we believe that we will continue to follow our long-term downward trend in dust emissions, in large part due to our environmental investments. Since we tracked these at group level in 2010, on a per tonne basis across the group our dust emissions have fallen by 24%.

Our NOx emissions per tonne of steel produced fell 4% to 1.1 kg in 2014, while our SOx emissions per tonne increased by 3%. Since 2010, we have achieved a reduction of 14% and 19% in NOx and SOx emissions per tonne respectively.

In our mining operations, our dust emissions fell 6% to 5.3 million tonnes in 2014. (We do not report emissions per tonne of mineral mined, since the processes of coal and iron ore mining are not comparable.) We saw a 3% drop in our NOx emissions over the previous year, and a 26% drop in our SOx emissions in 2014, largely due to changes in fuel type at our iron ore pellet plants.

Total dust emissions: (kg/tonne of steel)


0.62 2014 115
0.70 2013 1
0.80 2012 1

NOx: kg per tonne of steel


1.15 2014 115
1.2 2013 1.3
1.2 2012 1.3

SOx: kg per tonne of steel


1.95 2014 115
1.88 2013 2
1.90 2012 2