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In 2014, our overall greenhouse gas emissions amounted to 206 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). CO2e emissions from our steel operations accounted for the vast majority of these – 95%. Of these, 85% were direct emissions (scope 1).

Greenhouse gas emissions from our mining operations amounted to five per cent of our total footprint, approximately half of this in CO2e and the remainder in the form of coalbed methane.

Our steel output increased in 2014 by one million tonnes, and this explains some of the increase in our emissions. We saw a two per cent reduction in our CO2e emissions per tonne of steel during the year, from 2.14 tonnes per tonne of steel in 2013 to 2.09 tonnes in 2014.We believe this was largely due to changes this year in the emissions factors used to calculate the CO2e from the electricity we consume. (Considering only the boundary of our steel production sites, electricity was on average less carbon-intensive in 2014 than previously).

For more information about how we determine our greenhouse gas emissions, please refer to the Basis of reporting document.

CO2e emissions: per tonne of steel


2.09 2014 115
2.14 2013 2.2
2.13 2012 2.2

CO2e by scope: million tonnes

Scope 1 174 #d2c9b7
Scope 2 17 #f73c2b
Scope 3 15 #fc9d85