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Mexico: A mixed year


In 2014, our operation in Mexico received an award for ‘Best CSR Practices’ from CEMEFI, the leading institution focusing on philanthropy and social responsibility in Mexico. The specific focus of the award was the ArcelorMittal artistic and cultural centre project ‘Pireri’, which we are supporting. Any award like this is always welcome, but we are also very conscious that there are other issues which we have to focus on Mexico. We continue to face issues with local people who claim access to the land within our mining concession. We also had a leakage from our slurry pipeline, causing some claims of environmental pollution. Despite doing all we could to rectify the problem - including an independent study that concluded that the leakage hadn´t caused any environmental harm – we could have communicated in a better way. Because perceptions differ, some of these issues are not straightforward to resolve, so communicating more effectively with our stakeholders about them has to be a key part of our response going forward. The CEMEFI award is a source of pride, and it is also a spur to do better in future.