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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Responding to the floods


In May 2014 over 1.5 million people, or 30% of the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, were affected by the worst floods ever recorded in the country. Roads, railways and farms were submerged, and over 100,000 homes were swept away. One million people were left without clean water. There was little coverage in the international press, or help from the international community, and yet the impact was considered locally to have been worse than the civil war. Our operations in Zenica and Prijedor did what they could to help, offering emergency payments to cover food, water, and sanitation equipment. Our own employees also got involved in fundraising and supporting their own communities. Bosnia’s recovery will be a long-term task – it will take years to reconstruct the country’s infrastructure and communications – and we will play our own role in that long-term effort. We have committed $500,000 to the relief effort to reconstruct roads, and to dredge the Berek river to help prevent future floods. By the end of 2014, 63% of this had been paid.