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Morocco and Czech Republic: Employee volunteering


Every year, our employees can apply to join one of our ‘solidarity holidays’. These bring teams of our people together to help on a specific community project for two weeks. In 2014, 90 employees took part in solidarity holidays in nine countries. Here are just two examples of the contribution they made. In 2014 a team of volunteers worked together to install a new drinking water system in the village of Douar Laassara, close to our operations in Jorf Lasfar, Morocco. Before this, the village had depended on water drawn from a single well. The teams managed every aspect of the project, from obtaining the necessary government permits to building the housing for the taps.

In August 2014, a team from our plant at Ostrava, Czech Republic, worked with a local charity to help refurbish a dilapidated building, so that it can be used by homeless people. The Ostrava site is also providing the machinery needed to complete the project. Once finished, the building will offer ‘starter apartments’, enabling homeless people to take control of their lives and become independent. They will be supported by workers from the charity, encouraged to find a job, and given training in areas like household finances.