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Europe: The Energize programme


Our European steel plants producing ‘flat carbon’ products, such as food cans and car doors, have a target to reduce the energy intensity of their steel by nine per cent by 2016 against a 2011 baseline. By the end of 2014, we were halfway towards that target and are on track to achieve it. Our Energize initiative has been key to this. It starts with a full audit of the site’s energy processes, which allows us to identify ways to improve energy performance, drawing on success stories elsewhere. We evaluate the costs and benefits of the proposed change, agree a plan, and put them into action. By the end of 2014, Energize had been implemented at eight sites and these had achieved notable results of between five and eleven per cent reductions in energy intensity, far higher than those not participating. In March 2014, the Energize programme received Ener.con’s annual award for Europe’s best energy-efficiency project in the asset-intensive industry.