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Americas: Continued progress


Energy efficiency efforts in the Americas alone resulted in savings of $58 million in 2014, with a corresponding reduction of 186,000 tonnes of CO2e. This resulted from a mixture of process improvements and capital investment. In the US, we continued to enrol energy champions across our sites in pursuit of our 10% commitment. At Indiana Harbor, the energy champions team has developed a plan to save $300,000 in the first year alone, focusing simply on optimising the operation of equipment. Colleagues at our Vinton site in Texas have shared the energy benefits of ‘hot-charging’ – a process which keeps the partly-finished steel hot before it goes for shaping and finishing rather than letting it cool (which would mean it has to be reheated later). Meanwhile our Dofasco site in Hamilton, Canada, is saving an estimated $7.3 million a year in energy costs, having invested a net $8.3 million in energy upgrades.

1Measured as the equivalent energy required to produce one tonne of hot-rolled steel coil.