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Global: Progress and performance


In 2014, the energy we consumed across our sites, net of any that we sold from our own onsite power plants, amounted to the equivalent of 23.8 GJ per tonne of liquid steel, a marginal rise on 2013 overall. This included our consumption of energy from natural gas and coal, as well as from the pre-processing of other inputs to our steel plants such as electricity, industrial gas pellets and burnt fluxes.

Nonetheless, by the end of 2014 we had achieved close to $200 million in energy gains as a result of our energy management, the commitment of our people, and innovation. Of this, $58 million was in the Americas. Sixteen of our European steel plants have now achieved ISO50001 certification in energy management.  By the end of 2015, all our European steel plants will be compliant with the requirements of the EU Energy Directive. This requires large companies to audit their energy consumption in order to help them identify ways to reduce it.

In 2014, eight energy-related capital projects were approved, making up nearly half of the $375 million environmental improvement investments allocated during the year.