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Railways and bridges


An independent lifecycle analysis and assessment study in 2014 concluded that steel outperforms other materials in both performance and sustainability for the construction of bridges. The study was undertaken by Beco, part of the Ernst & Young group, and showed that steel road bridges are more than twice as sustainable as bridges constructed with composite materials, and perform very well compared to concrete. The only bridge type where steel was not the optimum choice was bicycle bridges, mainly because lighter foundations can be used to support this type of bridge.

Manufacturing steel rails is a complex and technically demanding process, and our site in Gijón, Spain, has developed particular expertise in this niche area. In 2014, we supplied 30,000 metres of new rails to Cameroon Railways, which will speed up the nation’s railways and improve safety. We also supplied rail sections for the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.