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South Africa: Environmental disclosure


At the end of 2014 a South African court ordered our Vanderbijlpark Works to disclose an environmental report originally commissioned in 2002 by Iscor, a company which later became part of ArcelorMittal. The report contained a series of studies designed to assess the state of the environment round the site. The report was intended to provide a road map for managing and improving the area for the following 20 years. We did not consider the studies of a good enough standard, and so they were not issued publicly. Since then, various local groups put pressure on us to issue the report, which culminated in the court judgement in November. We have now shared the report with the complainant, and given local people more details about what we have done to improve the environment, and what we plan to do going forwards. From this we have learned that transparency is key, and we can only build trust by building relationships of mutual respect. This will be our principle going forwards. We report on the progress we’ve made in remediating tailings waste sites at Vanderbijlpark Works in our South Africa integrated annual report.