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Progress and performance: Assessing our suppliers


In 2014, we continued to screen all new global suppliers using our code for responsible sourcing. In addition, 181 global suppliers representing 65% of our procurement spend at global level, and including 100% of our strategic and core suppliers, were evaluated with a specific questionnaire. This assessment looks at the management systems that a supplier would have in place to address the issues within the code for responsible sourcing. Often a low score is reflective of a lack of policies and procedures, rather than a poor environmental or social performance. Of those assessed, 26% were found to be ‘not acceptable’ (down from 28% in 2013), and 30% ranked as ‘average’ (up from 28% in 2013). In 2015, we will strengthen our monitoring of these categories of suppliers by continuing to develop specific action plans to help them improve.

% global procurement spend covered by code assessments


65 2014 115
50 2013 66