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Romania: Preparing the future generation of ArcelorMittal specialists at ArcelorMittal Galati


The steel industry is not always the first choice career option for younger people. In Galati, Moldova, we’ve developed a project to help students explore the possibilities of working in the steel industry. The project began in 2012, and is run in partnership with the educational community. There are four elements: a one-day site visit, a three-week practical module involving teachers and mentors from the site, and a series of one-day workshops on specific topics, such as project management, safety, and human resources, with 80 students and professors included in each session. The final element is a summer school internship, in which students are hired to work on real projects for a two-month period at Galati. They are selected each year from different universities in Romania and Western Europe. We hope many of them will choose to follow a career with us after this.

In 2014, 36 interns were selected from 170 applicants, up from 20 interns and 70 applicants in 2012. Of the 2014 interns, eight students from the summer school became ArcelorMittal employees.