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Global: Maximising value from residues


Our global R&D division worked on 22 sustainability projects aimed at using raw materials more efficiently, and nine projects designed to increase the re-use of by-products.  One of these was to apply the ROMEO model to explore alternative ways to deal with blast furnace dust at our plant at Kryviy Rih, Ukraine. We are comparing whether it is more effective to re-use dust directly in the sinter plant, or turn it into briquettes for the blast furnace. Another project was at Acindar in Argentina, where we are preparing for new landfill restrictions in 2018. Information provided by the ROMEO model has helped local managers plan how to create value from the dust from our electric arc furnace, and so avoid landfill waste. The ROMEO model has also helped sites in the re-use of what is known as ‘oily mill sludge’. Our plant at Fos-sur-Mer, France, injected 945 tonnes into the blast furnace rather than sending it to landfill in 2014, which generated savings of over $115,000.