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Innovating together: Paint Supplier Innovation Awards 2016


Each year ArcelorMittal runs the Paint Supplier Innovation Awards 2016 (PSIA) for those suppliers that have helped identify avenues for product innovation and environmental improvements to our organic coating techniques.
The awards are co-organised by our European procurement and Global R&D divisions, which enables us to adopt a holistic and coherent approach to the relationship with suppliers, whilst creating a catalyst for innovation.  

The PSIA evaluate suppliers’ responses to market demands in organic coatings, which are fourfold:

  1. environmentally and health-friendly products, i.e. solvent-free
  2. sustainable products that enable a reduction of the environmental footprint throughout the life cycle and thus of the life cycle cost
  3. products offering high added value to the customer and desired by him
  4. cost-effective products in a highly competitive environment.

Organic coatings represent a substantial research and development area at ArcelorMittal. Organic and metallic coatings enhance the steel we use in construction products like roofing and facades and in other applications such as appliances to give long-lasting protection from environmental corrosion, while also looking attractive. By applying these coatings we improve the sustainability of the products, and save our customers time, energy and money. 

From the previous two PSIAs, a number of the prizewinning subjects have been incorporated into research projects and should result in products being placed on the market in coming years

The winners of the Paint Supplier Innovation Awards 2016 were as follows:

  • Performance and functionalities: PPG for their proposal updating coating technologies with a solid paint concept and environmentally friendly solutions. 
  • Sustainable Development: Valspar for their proposal for the use of renewable raw materials, which fully meets ArcelorMittal’s expectations. This award also rewards the Valspar’s commitment in supporting ArcelorMittal in new product developmentTwo of the three winners this year have never won one of our innovation awards. 
  • Aesthetics: BASF for their proposed new aesthetic range for domestic appliances, which would enable ArcelorMittal to expand its Estetic® Casa range with high-performance products with modern aesthetics. 

“Meeting every year for this challenge maintains momentum between ArcelorMittal and its suppliers. To remain the European leader in organic coatings, we must constantly renew and improve our offer” says Olivier Brun, construction and industry portfolio director, and co-initiator of the challenge.