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Largest exporter in Bosnia & Herzegovina


ArcelorMittal Zenica ranks as the largest exporter in Bosnia and Herzegovina, having realized an export value of over 190 million euros last year.  The company’s operations not only contribute significantly to the Bosnian steel market, but the steel markets of the Balkans and other European countries too. 

The company received recognition for this achievement on 22 September, when Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 100 most successful companies across small, medium and large categories were proclaimed by media houses Privredna stampa d.o.o. and Poslovne novine at a ceremony in Sarajevo. It is the second year running the company has been the largest exporter in the country.

Last year, ArcelorMittal calculated that through both its iron ore mining operations in Prijedor and its steelmaking operations in Zenica, it had contributed 2.1 billion euros to the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina over the past 11 years, including over 1.7 billion euros through procurement from local suppliers, and 358 million euros in salaries and taxes.

Steel is one of the country’s key industries, and one of its main exports. The value of ArcelorMittal’s exports – over 190 million euros last year - represented over 4% of Bosnia and Herzegovina's annual export earnings.