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Leadership emphasises importance of sustainable development in overview of 2015


“We are living in an environment not only of economic volatility but environmental and social change,” says chairman and CEO Lakshmi Mittal in his message to stakeholders for the 2015 annual review, ArcelorMittal’s first step towards integrated reporting. “Externalities that felt remote some decades ago can now have an impact on the future of the business.”

This is the perspective that Dr Alan Knight, general manager for corporate responsibility, takes up in a further video for the 2015 annual review. “The Paris conference on climate change and the launch of the United Nations sustainable development goals in New York demonstrate just how important sustainable development is becoming to society, and that means our customers,” says Dr Knight.

He goes on to outline how we have begun to embed our 10 sustainable development (SD) outcomes across the business, and describes some examples of innovation we focused on during 2015 – third party certification of sustainability standards for steel, and the development of a new technology to make fuel from steelmaking’s waste gases. 

“A low-carbon and circular economy can only be achieved with the wide use of steel, and we hope that our investments in sustainable development will help us and society get there as soon as we can.”

The video introduces the report’s ‘sustainability review’ section, which gives an overview of developments in 2015 in relation to customers, climate change, environmental performance and ebola, as well as describing how we are deepening our integration of our 10 outcomes into the business. Further sections give more detailed updates on our pursuit of the sustainable development in 2015, outcome by outcome and segment by segment.

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