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Nafta: review of 2015


In the face of a tough world steel market, with global overcapacity, a strong dollar and a flood of imports weakening prices to unsustainable levels, what has this meant for sustainable development in 2015 in the Nafta region?

In our 2015 annual review, for the first time we link our operational results with our sustainable development progress for each segment.

The report outlines the need to make our business as viable as possible in the short- to medium-term, and this includes ways to cut our energy consumption and carbon emissions. At the same time it emphasises the need to maintain the trust of local stakeholders for the long term, for example in terms of our shared use of air, land and water.

On the product development front, it highlights the innovations we have made to meet the demand for sustainable lifestyles in the automotive and energy markets.

Nafta represents roughly a quarter of our steel shipments and revenue, and we have 101 offices, production facilities, commercial and mining operations across the region.

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