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Judiciary honour for social outreach work in Brazil


On 23 September, Jefferson De Paula, CEO of ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Central and South Americas, received the Judiciary Merit medal at the Itamaraty Hall in Vitória (state of Espírito Santo). This is the Judiciary’s most important distinction and is granted by the Association of Judges of the State of Espírito Santo, Amages ES.
The honour, granted by Amages, recognises ArcelorMittal’s contribution to social outreach initiatives which have had a significant impact in the states where we operate. These projects, developed in partnership with Brazil’s judiciary, promote citizenship and its values to socially vulnerable people.
In addition to being an advisor to the “Minas for Peace” programme, which was created by the strategic council of Fiemg to rehabilitate those leaving prison, Jefferson de Paula also signed an agreement to work with the Instituto Terra on its Olhos d’Água project, to conserve about 2,000 springs in the Doce River basin.
Also contributing to Amages’ decision to award this honour to Mr. De Paula and ArcelorMittal was his support for:

  • Restorative justice in the states of Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and Espírito Santo, working with the itinerant public attorney, which takes collective law to over 800 municipalities 
  • The Street of Respect programme, protecting homeless people
  • PROERD, a drug abuse resistance education programme, in partnership with the military police in the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo
  • The Education on Human Values project in schools in Belo Horizonte and in those across the state of Espírito Santo
  • Support for citizenship education in prisons and educational institutions for children and youth.

Commenting on the award, Jefferson De Paula said:

This is an honour that I extend to all 15,000 employees because they are the ones who make ArcelorMittal Brazil an ethical, responsible and transparent company, able to talk with the institutions making up the social fabric that welcomes us. This dialogue pushes us to work for the rescue, qualification and promotion of citizenship for people at social risk. Our actions allow us to take part in the process of building a better society for everyone, a Brazil that awakens to become a true democratic state of law.
About 300 people attended the event, including: presidents of magistrates associations from several Brazilian states; members of the National Council of Justice; members of the National Council of Public Attorneys; the entire board of Amages ES; and representatives of the federal and state courts.

Brazil’s social initiatives have received a number of awards recently. In February 2016, Suzana Fagundes was recognised by the Association of the Judges of the State of Espírito Santo for her efforts to promote transparency and integrity in business, with a particular focus on gender equality. In 2015 Jefferson de Paula was honoured by the Brazilian Academy of Human Rights in 2015 for supporting social projects that help to promote social justice and conserve water.

Photo: Jefferson De Paula with Sergio Ricardo Souza, counsellor of National council of Public Attorney