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Twice as nice – Tailored Blanks Zaragoza rewarded for corporate responsibility


Regional and local governments in Zaragoza, Spain have acknowledged ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Zaragoza for its exceptional commitment to the community it operates in.
The first award, the Social Responsibility Seal Aragón (RSA) from the region of Aragón was given in recognition of Tailored Blanks Zaragoza’s high level of commitment to the community. The second, from the City of Pedrola, was the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Award.
Both the government of Aragon and the town council of Pedrola agree: Tailored Blanks Zaragoza is committed to helping build a society which values transparency, sustainability, excellence in management and respects both the community and the environment.

The government of Aragon has distinguished Tailored Blanks Zaragoza with the RSA label, an award which recognises the firm commitment to ethical and responsible management which the ArcelorMittal team has demonstrated through its management model designed to respond to the demands of a 21st century society. Enrique Bayona, responsible for quality, safety and health, received this award on behalf of everyone at the Zaragoza site.
The second award, from the municipality of Pedrola (Zaragoza), is the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Award. This annual award recognises the company that has best integrated corporate social responsibility into its strategy, or has contributed most to good practice in any aspect of social responsibility, whether it's economic, environmental or social.
Tomas Ramos, manager of ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Zaragoza, accepted the title and commemorative plaque from the president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, who congratulated ArcelorMittal for the good practice it carried out in 2015.
"We are very integrated into our environment and want to remain a company our stakeholders can count on. Sustainability is an important value in our company and as such it is an integral part of the management of the business. It is the only way to promote transparency, strengthen business confidence and obtain the social license to operate," said Tomas Ramos, manager of the Tailored Blanks Zaragoza site.

The key to their success, Ramos explains, is that “Tailored Blanks Zaragoza is a well-trained and motivated team, and we all fight daily to be as happy as possible at work in a honest way. That´s the starting point to get to best-in-class outcomes”..