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ArcelorMittal develops automotive steel products to optimise the weight and cost of vehicles, reduce carbon emissions and ensure high standards of safety


ArcelorMittal supports car manufacturers through the different stages of a vehicle’s lifecycle

ArcelorMittal is a technology leader in advanced high-strength, galvanised and coated steels – products that are used in the manufacturing of cars, vans and trucks.

About one fifth of the global car production is made from ArcelorMittal steel, and we have an industrial presence in 22 countries spanning four continents.

In 2012, our Automotive division generated US$13.2 billion of revenues. 13.4 millon tonnes of flat carbon steel were delivered to the automotive industry in that period. We have a global reach, with a presence in South Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America. We are also present in India, Turkey and China via joint ventures, and in Japan via an alliance with NSC.

With a global presence in steel production and a network of 11 research centres, we aim to support our clients through different production stages, from a vehicle’s design phase through to mass production and after-sales service. More than half of our investment in product research and development (R&D) is allocated to the automotive industry, and we have five laboratories that are dedicated fully or partly to R&D for the automotive market, in East Chicago in the US, Hamilton in Canada, and Maizières, Montataire and Gandrange in France. Our R&D engineers work with carmakers throughout the lifecycle of their products to develop automotive steels that are stronger yet lighter than existing materials. We also develop new, cost-effective coatings to improve corrosion resistance, paint appearance and application processes.

Our presence in different regions also gives us valuable insight into new market trends. For example, ArcelorMittal provides steel solutions for low-cost cars and engine powertrains to meet changing customer and market needs.

Our automotive steel solutions cover all metallurgical ‘families’ of steels – distinguished by their different properties and compositions.

We anticipate that regulatory and customer expectations for lightweight cars will rise in the future. Working closely with our automotive partners, we have developed S-in motion, a set of automotive steel solutions to make cars lighter – without compromising safety – and, in turn, reduce their carbon emissions.

With our current catalogue of automotive products, we support carmakers in optimising weight and cost, while reducing carbon emissions and, crucially, ensuring that stringent safety standards are met.

ArcelorMittal also has a specialised business unit for tailored blanks – a manufacturing technology that improves the performance of car parts in a vehicle.

These tailored blanks, also called laser-welded blanks, are made by welding together flat steel sheets of different thicknesses, grades and coatings. These products offer an optimal combination of strength and ductility. They also reduce the weight of vehicles and improve safety by enhancing crash performance. And we are a leading producer of laser-welded blanks, which also reduce the cost of vehicles.

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