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Using resources judiciously

By-product sales

Using the by-products generated during the steelmaking process makes good business sense, as well as reducing the environmental impact

We try to use all the materials produced during the process of steelmaking, whether they are prime steel products or materials commonly seen as waste. ArcelorMittal’s shared services team coordinates sales of by-products from the steelmaking process, with the aim of generating revenue from these products.

As well as making good business sense, making the most of the by-products of steelmaking is the right thing to do in terms of material stewardship, by recycling as much as possible and minimising the impact of steelmaking on the environment. Through their work on by-products, the shared services team drives collaboration between ArcelorMittal’s mills and customers.

By-products include all forms of slag from both integrated and mini mills in granulated or ground form, tar and tar distillates, benzole, ammonium sulphate, mill scales and sludges, coke breeze and various dusts collected throughout the various steel production stages.

We also operate a number of slag dumps, which were accumulated before ArcelorMittal owned various steel plants. These may be rich in iron and carbon-bearing materials and can be re-used in our steelmaking facilities. This lowers the need to buy materials, reducing the company’s external material and supply chain footprint.

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