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Steel is the building material for a wide variety of industries in the transport sector


From shipbuilding to ropes for cableways, ArcelorMittal provides steel for a range of industries within the transport sector

We believe that steel is the perfect material to create sustainable transport infrastructure, while minimising carbon emissions throughout the lifecycle of a product. Our steel is widely used in the transport industry, from rail, to shipbuilding, to cable cars.

ArcelorMittal is a technology leader in advanced high-strength, galvanised and coated steels – products that are used in the manufacturing of cars, vans and trucks. ArcelorMittal produces one-fifth of global steel used in cars, and we have a worldwide industrial presence with around 40 coating lines in Europe, North America, South America and Africa.


ArcelorMittal is a leading supplier of steel plates for shipbuilding. Our steel products are used to build all varieties of ships, including general cargo carriers, offshore drilling platforms, container ships, cruise ships and large tank ships that carry liquefied natural gas (LNG).

With a global presence in steel production, we can meet the needs of shipbuilding companies across the world. We supply steel plates in different dimensions and conditions, as rolled, normalised, clad, shot blasted and painted for specific applications. Our steel grades can be welded with existing industrial techniques and materials.

We also make sheet piles – columns of steel driven into the ground to support a structure – used in the construction of ports and harbours. ArcelorMittal has supplied sheet piles for construction projects around the world, including Northport in New Zealand, Straubing port and JadeWeserPort in Germany and Marina Pez Vela in Costa Rica.


In the rail industry, we make steel products for both railway tracks and trains. One of our most extensive projects is to supply rails for the Spanish high-speed network, which is currently being expanded to 10,000km by 2020. Our steel mill in Gijón, Spain, with technology to roll rails up to 90m long, has rolled almost every rail for the project.

Our steel is also used in rolling stock for the rail industry, for example, we have developed new, lighter steel solutions for freight wagons. Using the E71 wagon, which is a European gondola-style wagon as a base model we created an ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS) solution that reduces the weight of the empty wagon by 33% and material costs by 34%. Not only are these wagons lighter, but also fewer emissions are produced during use and they require less steel, which reduces emissions from production and transport.

ArcelorMittal also makes compact monowire technology, which has been used for more than 1,500 ropes for cableways in different parts of the world.

ArcelorMittal supplies steel for the biggest Spanish Navy vessel

ArcelorMittal supplies steel for the biggest Spanish Navy vessel

Juan Carlos I LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock), the biggest ship in the Spanish Navy, set sail for the first time from Navantia’s Ferrol shipyard in March 2008.

The vessel, which is 231.4m long and 42m wide, is made from ArcelorMittal’s steel products. Our steel mill in Gijón, Spain, delivered 14,426 tonnes of steel for the ship’s construction.

It took eight years to construct the ship. Equipped with a landing platform for aircrafts, it will be used for marine and army operations, as well as for non-combatant purposes. Its deadweight is around 7,500 tonnes, which is the maximum weight of cargo and crew that a ship can carry.