ArcelorMittal recognizes the speed and accuracy of information that is now available to us and the transformational potential of digitalization and utilization. The key is that we not only gather the information we have access to on a digital platform, but utilize that data to enable unparalleled efficiencies, unforeseen insights and new modes of operation. Unlocking the full potential of data will generate substantial cost reduction and environmental benefit – for the company, our customers and consumers, and the world.

Information is the raw material that will realise the full potential of digitalization. As we are already collecting and analyzing large amounts of data, more and more data are becoming available.

ArcelorMittal has developed a holistic vision as it relates to digitalization which includes the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • IoT enables the gathering of all these data and makes it available to the Big Data platform. ArcelorMittal’s IoT platform allows the company to manage all devices - security patches, algorithms, metadata - which is key for a data-driven company.
  • Big Data makes it possible to extract value from huge volumes of information. It stores massive volumes of data, consolidating sources, centralizing the information, and exposing a manageable interface to access and exploit it. Big Data has brought solutions to problems we weren’t able to solve before due to memory or execution time.
  • AI explores the data, identifies patterns and discovers insights, models behavior, and uses optimization algorithms to transform those into recommendations. The outcomes of these actions result in additional data, closing a loop of online learning and continuous improvement.

“The business world will be dominated by those capable of mastering the interfaces between advanced digitalization and unique specific industrial and scientific knowledge, bringing massive differentiation in cost and market opportunities in the years to come. ArcelorMittal is in a good position to succeed in this never-ending race” - Greg Ludkovsky, vice president, ArcelorMittal Global R&D