Our strategy is designed to maintain our position as the world’s leading steel and mining company for the long-term, enabling us to deliver value to shareholders and all stakeholders through the cycle in a rapidly changing world, where material demand will continue to rise but an increasingly sustainable and circular economy will be required.

Having seen the value in creating the only truly global steel and mining champion, we seek to maintain a leading position in attractive product-market segments worldwide through active portfolio management. We operate through all parts of the steel value chain, wherever we see opportunities to create value. This includes the mining of raw materials through to downstream transformation and distribution activities, especially where these provide synergies to our core activities in steel. We see the value of being present in both developed markets, with higher per capita steel demand and sophisticated, high-value product offerings, and developing markets, which offer strong long-term growth potential.

Our large and global asset base provides us with a unique opportunity to benchmark and leverage scale and scope to maintain world-class operations that produce a wide range of steels for the mobility, construction, infrastructure, industrial and energy sectors. Our research and development team is relentlessly pushing both process and product innovation frontiers, inventing smarter steels to further enhance our product and service offerings to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Embracing digitalisation across all our functions is enabling us not only to release value through efficiencies but to also transform the way we operate and in some cases change the very value chain itself. And taking advantage of steel’s unique ability to be completely reusable and recyclable, we are developing innovative processes that use less energy, emit less carbon, and reduce costs.

Maintaining a strong balance sheet provides the financial flexibility critical to ongoing investment in our existing asset base as well as enabling us to take advantage of opportunities to transform for the future,  ensuring long-term sustainability and consistent shareholder returns.

Our ability to successfully execute this strategy is down to our people. Recognising our unique organisational DNA, we work to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for excellence that supported our growth and is key to our future success. And wherever we are in the world, the safety and wellbeing of our people is always our first priority.