The ArcelorMittal University offers life-long, continual learning to employees at all levels of the company and in all locations, in both office and shop floor positions. Employees are encouraged to use the University to support their career goals and direction and to aid their development and potential for promotion.

Our vision:

‘We leverage our industry-leading collective intelligence and expertise with cutting-edge technology and innovation to provide high added-value learning and development experiences that drive personal and corporate performance.’

Our mission:

The ArcelorMittal University’s mission statement – ‘learn, grow and connect’ –reflects the University’s offer.

  • Learn reflects the concept of skills development, supporting personal performance and helping the organisation stay best-in-class in every aspect of its operations.
  • Grow is about helping our people reach their personal potential. ArcelorMittal University helps our employees develop their individual talents, leadership, and careers – both from a personal and organisational perspective.
  • Connect refers to the way ArcelorMittal University directly connects staff with top management at the company. It’s about plugging into a global network of people involved in learning and development to exchange information and give people the answers they need.

With eight campuses around the world, and a comprehensive online learning offer, the ArcelorMittal University offers training to managers and aspiring managers in a broad range of categories including:

Strategy Innovation Project Management
Change Leadership Management
Communication Culture Marketing
Customers Digital Sales
Diversity Decision Making Risk
Finance Knowledge Management Analytics

The ArcelorMittal University is EFMD CLIP accredited. The management development organization EFMD’s Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) is the leading international system of quality assessment, improvement and accreditation of corporate learning functions