Career development and growth is critically important. When we make hires we are investing in the future of both the company and the individual. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that your growth is ours.

Leadership at every level

The success of our company is built on inspiring, creative leadership at all levels of the business.

That’s why we invest significantly in developing excellence through leadership development programmes – combining internal and external training with periodic reviews – to identify and develop talent at our company.

Our global employee development programme (GEDP) is the cornerstone of our people strategy, fostering leadership development by managing the performance, potential, development and careers of our people. This approach to talent management, which includes a mentoring system that pairs employees with senior colleagues, not only creates career opportunities for those who strive to develop their potential, but also ensures we develop a pipeline of talent ready to occupy senior leadership positions.

Developing tomorrow’s leaders is also about providing excellent learning opportunities.

The work of the ArcelorMittal University plays a key role in this, offering management leadership development programmes to nurture our future leaders. The University offers a huge range of training and development opportunities both online and in person at one of our eight campuses worldwide.

For steel shop floor and in-the-field mining employees there is an extensive range of industrial training programmes that provide a structured approach to ensuring complete understanding of each stage in the manufacturing process, always while focusing on health and safety as our number one priority.  Operational excellence processes are managed by our technology office, led by our Chief Technology Officer, and disseminated through a customized and structured series of trainings at each location.  This allows each employee to build the skills that are needed to perform their jobs today, maximise their potential for tomorrow, and continue to develop as our industry evolves.

If you are willing to stretch yourself and see what you are really capable of, we are there with you.