The world’s leading steel company

By any measure, ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel company. With more than 190,000 employees, steel manufacturing plants in 18 countries and customers in practically every country in the world, we are larger and more international than any competitor. In 2019 we made more than 89 million tonnes of steel and mined more than 57 million tonnes of iron ore.

These figures are impressive but they only make us the largest, not the leading steel company. It’s how we make our steels, what it gets used for, and how we feel about steel’s role in modern life that earns us the description ‘leading’.

We make steels and mine the raw materials for it in 18 countries, spread across Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. Click here to see an interactive map of our global operations. In each of those countries we use modern methods to ensure that the steels produced have the qualities our customers require, and that they are produced sustainably and ethically within communities that want us to be there. Click here to find out about our sustainability profile and ambitions.  

Regularly in the top 3 in the metals and mining category of FORTUNE magazine’s ‘Global Most Admired Survey’, we are regarded as the reference steel manufacturing company, against which others are compared.


Steel is fundamental to modern life.

Modern life depends on steel. Cars, buildings, infrastructure, ships and energy generating systems, and appliances that we use every day like washing machines, ovens and fridges, are all made primarily from steel.  Trains are made of steel and so are the rails they run on, and usually the roofs of the stations that they operate out of as well. From zip fasteners and the cutlery that we eat with, through to enormous bridges that never need painting and ever-taller skyscrapers, steel enables so much that we take for granted.

But it goes further than that. Consider for a moment the fabrics we clothe ourselves with, the glass that lets light into our homes and the wood that we use for furniture. Each depends on steel in the manufacturing process because the machines and tools that make the fabrics and the glass, and which enable us to cut and shape the timber, are all made of steel.

So if you think about it, a career in steel is really a career that’s about making modern life possible. Or put another way, it’s one in which you can truly ‘make your world’.

Make your world

The promise that ArcelorMittal makes to employees and prospective employees is 'make your world'. It describes not only the essential role of steel in modern life, such that our people really are physically making the world around them, but as well, the significant opportunity that ArcelorMittal gives to employees who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, take charge of their own development and realise their full potential.

Our ‘Make your world’ concept incorporates four important ideas. First, fabric of life, which makes reference to the idea that steel is fundamental to modern life. Second, driven by excellence, which is about the hunger to keep improving that runs through all of our activities. Third, run with it, which expresses our entrepreneurial spirit, and finally shoulder to shoulder, which emphasises the strength that comes from diverse, high-performance, multi-cultural teams, each working together effectively to achieve the same organisational goals.