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We believe that steel has a critical role to play in helping society decarbonise and will very much be a solution to the problem.

As the world’s leading steel company, we have a significant responsibility to innovate, implement and navigate a successful pathway towards a cleaner steelmaking industry. Our journey towards becoming carbon neutral by 2050, having aligned with the Paris climate goals and the European Green Deal by committing to reduce European CO2 emissions by 35% by 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2050, is well underway.

“We have an important role to play in helping society deliver the objectives of the Paris agreement and are determined to lead our industry’s transition to carbon neutral steel.”

Aditya Mittal, CEO ArcelorMittal 

We have a significant and broad range of decarbonisation initiatives underway and in order to help our stakeholders understand the breadth of work we are undertaking in this area, we have launched XCarb®, an umbrella brand that groups together all of the reduced, low and zero carbon steel making activity of ArcelorMittal, as well as wider initiatives and green innovation projects. As a result, we will be able to leverage a single effort focused on achieving demonstrable progress towards carbon neutral steel.

XCarb® serves as demonstrable evidence of our determination and accelerating commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. We will continue to drive innovation to meet our decarbonisation goals and are committed to leading the industry transition towards carbon neutral steel. We have the scale, resources, technology prowess and ambition required make a significant impact.

XCarb® branded initiatives

Alongside the new XCarb® brand, we have launched three XCarb® initiatives: the XCarb® innovation fund, XCarb® green steel certificates and XCarb® recycled and renewably produced for products made via the Electric Arc Furnace route using scrap. 

Click here to read ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products’ XCarb brochure, to find out more about the business’ low-carbon emissions certificates and products. 

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  • XCarb® innovation fund

    ArcelorMittal's XCarb® innovation fund will invest in companies developing breakthrough technologies that will accelerate the steel industry’s transition to carbon neutral steelmaking.

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  • XCarb® green steel certificates

    Our industry-first green steel certificates allow customers to report an equivalent reduction in their Scope 3 emissions, in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

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  • XCarb® recycled and renewably produced

    XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel is made from high levels of recycled steel using 100% renewable electricity in an Electric Arc Furnace.

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