What are XCarb® green steel certificates?

XCarb® green steel certificates are specifically designed for ArcelorMittal’s flat steel products made from iron ore in a blast furnace.

We have several decarbonisation initiatives underway – from our breakthrough technologies such as our Torero and Carbalyst projects, to projects to capture hydrogen-rich waste gas and re-inject it into the blast furnace. These investments are resulting in significant CO2 savings. We can add up these savings and then pass them onto our customers in the form of a certificate, which has been verified by an independent auditor. When a customer buys an XCarb® certificate from us, they effectively ‘own’ the CO2 saving and can report that saving as a reduction in their Scope 3 emissions. This approach is in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

The project-based CO2 savings and the certificates themselves will be verified by DNV GL. Working with a respected and credible global certification body such as DNV GL is vital to ensure support for this initiative.

XCarb® green steel certificates allow customers to report an equivalent reduction in their Scope 3 emissions, in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

While the concept of this scheme is not new and very much reflects the Renewable Energy Certificates used in the power sector, it is a first for the steel industry. We intend our green steel certificates to set a new benchmark for the industry and are encouraging other steel producers to adopt it.

For more information, you can read our green steel certificate e-brochure here.

Further information can also be found here: https://europe.arcelormittal.com/sustainability/xcarb/carbon-neutral-steel/green-steel-certificates

Hero image courtesy of Canoo®.